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Stealth Innerwear Review

Hey everyone, haven't been online in a while, so to follow up as promised from earlier this year I have my review of the Stealth Innerwear and brand new Corkscrew system complete so I hope you all enjoy. To get your hands on one of the Stealth Innerwear sleeves and Corkscrews, head over to the official site at
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So for anyone who doesn't know the Stealth Innerwear device is an ADS (All Day Stretcher) which basically holds the penis in an elongated state during the day, which helps increase the size of the penis over time and help have a more engorged penis.

Delivery and Packaging:
My main concern with ordering any of these items online is discretion. I was happy to see that the device came in a plain packaging with nothing on the outside to suggest what might be in the package. The device itself was well packaging and really there isn't a whole lot that could be done to damage it in the first place so all good.

Although a lot of devices like this come in a small/large size only, the Stealth comes in 99 sizes, so to help with the process they have included a "sizer" on their webpage to help out. Basically all you need to do is measure your length in BPFSL (Bone Pressed Fully Stretched Length) and girth when flaccid. I did find that the girth should have possibly been a bit bigger on mine so maybe go a size up in girth if you are unsure. 
If you want more details on how to measure for a Stealth, head over to

First Impression:
After opening the box, I have to admit, I was a little confused with what everything was actually for. I was glad to see that an instruction booklet was included which pretty much gives a step by step guide on how to use the device. 

As for using the device. I will admit the first few goes I did find it a bit hard to get used to but after the 3rd day I really did get the hang of it and found the way to use the device that suited me best. 

As an ADS goes, this thing is pretty comfortable to wear during the day, and possibly during the night, although wearing during the night can be dangerous, so wearing at night is at your own risk.

Wearing under clothes:
The main thing with an ADS is the ability to wear it all day under your clothes. With the Stealth this is definately possible, with the Corkscrew (I will discuss later) it is a bit more difficult and the fact that I wear tight clothing at work it may not be possible.
The Stealth and sleeves are perfectly good to wear under your clothes and even wearing suit pants or slacks you should definately be able to pull it off. The beauty of the device for wearing all day is that you don't really need to even remove it when urinating which is a big plus.

How it looks under clothes:
Something every guys wants is to have a bulging package and the Stealth will definately help with this. It gives you the Calvin Klein model bulging package look at some! It doesn't make it look so big that a guy/girl would think you have an erection, but I think people would look at it and think "wow, that guy is packing a big cock". 

The Corkscrew:
The Corkscrew is the new addition to the Stealth family and in my opinion is great, albeit, it is not as discreet as the Stealth Innerwear itself. What I found it great for was wearing around at home when I come back from work for an extra workout. I did find it gave a significantly higher stretch and gave me a good hang for the hours after if I wore it.

I was expecting the Corkscrew to be made of some cheap spring. Damn, the thing is like a clump of metal it is pretty heavy did think it really pulled my dick out from my body when using it which gave an extra stretch to my inner ligaments a bit like weight hanging.

My main results I seen was in my flaccid length and girth. It was almost like you were after getting great blood flow to my unit after taking the device off, even for 4 or 5 hours after. My erect sizes didn't change a whole lot yet though it has only been 5 to 6 weeks so maybe with long term use they might. In terms of flaccid length I do hang about 0.5" longer which is great. I think with long term use it will be a great supplement to my routine.

I think the value of the Stealth Innerwear will be in addition to jelqing and pumping. On its own results may be slow, but it is great to keep your dick in an elongated state after working out using jelqing etc. 

If you have any questions about the device please drop a comment in the comments section.

As I stated already, go over to for the official device and let me know in the comments section how your results were.

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  1. I'm interested in buying the corkscrew. Any improvements in erect length and girth?