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How to last longer in bed?

To follow on from my previous post last week on the average time a guy lasts in bed, follow here to read it. Today I am going to discuss some tips and techniques to last longer in bed.

As discussed previously, the average time for a guy to last in bed is 5-6 minutes. But if you are a man who last this or less you may well be looking for an edge.

So here we go!


Need I say anymore on this one. If you can at the start, focus primarily on your partner. According to studies, less that 25% of women orgasm during actual intercourse, so to give the appearance of lasting longer and to ensure your partner is fully satisfied, foreplay is imperative. As a general rule of thumb, you cannot do enough foreplay.


Another option is during masturbation (which I am assuming every guy does) is to keep going as close to the PONR as possible. The PONR is the Point Of No Return. During masturbation if you practice going as close to this point as possible regularly, you will gain control over the feeling and be able to better control your orgasms during sex. 

As a rule of thumb it is good to practice during masturbation of going as close to the PONR about 10 times, stopping and repeating. This process is known as Edging if you want to search for more information around it. The theory goes that it is better not to orgasm as the end of it, if you are looking to gain extra control, however, I have found that it works well either way.

Pelvic Floor Muscles;
kegel exercises for men benefits

To follow on from edging, the key is to ensure that your pelvic floor muscles are strong, balanced and that you have control over them.

To attain this, it is key to do Kegels. To do this you first need to find your PC muscle which is quite easy. The next time you’re urinating, stop or slow your pee mid-flow. The muscles used to stop urinating is your PC muscle. Don’t actually tense legs, abdomen or butt cheek muscles, instead focus on lifting your entire pelvic floor upward. Most importantly, continue to breathe through the contraction of your pelvic floor. If you’re able to stop or slow your urine in mid-stream, you’ve just successfully located and contracted your pelvic floor muscles!

To start you need to contract and hold your pelvic floor muscles. At first you may not be able to do this for 1 to 2 seconds. After contraction, you need to release the muscle. Repeat this for 50 times for the first  4-6 weeks every day. 

Work your way up to holding for 10 - 30 seconds. Firstly working up the time you are holding each Kegel for, and then add more 5-10% per week.

Numbing Creams;
Image result for penis numbing creams
There is a huge amount of numbing creams on the market. The thing about these is that although they may allow you to last longer, they do mask something which may mean you end up becoming dependant on using it. Also, this isn't really the best option if you are not in a long term relationship. 

My experience with them is that they do work, but almost too much so. If you overdo it by even a drop you end up having a penis which feels like it has had a local anesthetic injected into it. The end result is a poor erection which is limp, and not exactly what you want.


Using a thick condom will reduce sensitivity and may help you last longer. As well it doesn't stand out as being a cover so suitable even if you are with a stranger.

Masturbating before sex;

This is one that you probably need to experiment with. It will either work for you or not. A lot of people swear by masturbating an hour or two before sex. This will help reduce sensitivity also. Again it works for some not for others so try it out if you want.

In the end, its all about communication with your partner, if you don't have that then the previous items aren't important. Talk with your partner and the rest will fall into place.

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