Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Bathmate X30 Review

Hi everyone, and welcome to my latest blog post (it's been a while).

So as some of you may have guessed from my previous posts and comments, I have been a user of the standard Bathmate Hercules for the last 4 years approx. Since I initially began this I have started to outgrow the Hercules, not so much in length although I have reached the 20cm mark and beyond a few times, but more so on the gaitor which can leave ring marks all around the base of my penis.

This lead me to purchasing the Bathmate X30 Xtreme

As you can see from the images below the X30 Xtreme is the same length as the Hercules only wider at the base.

The Bathmate X30 Xtreme contains the standard pump, which has a hose attachment for a hand pump to allow you to increase the pump pressure for those extra gains.

All in all what is included is below;
– Xtreme Hydropump
– Carry case
– Measuring gauge
– Cleaning sponge
– Handball pump
– Comfort insert pad
– Hose attachment
– Pump lube
– Security lock
– Shower strap

The original Bathmate Hercules helped me grow from 6" in length to 8" over the space of about 6 months, so I am hopeful that the Bathmate Xtreme X30 can push that even further.

The main benefits of the Bathmate X30 Xtreme over the Bathmate Hercules are as follows;
– A wider gaitor at the base which stops any discomfort and ring marks which were common place in the Hercules
– A comfort pad which prevents any discomfort from pressing the pump against the pubic bone when exercising
– A hand pump which is realy good for the last 5 minutes of a sessions to get that extra pressure/squeeze to really stretch out your penis.
– The shower strap helps with any discomfort from the pump pressing into the scrotum (ouch!). It holds the pump perpendicular to your body which is great.

So far my initial results are showing that I am definately getting more of a girth increase from pumping on the Bathmate X30 Xtreme over the Bathmate Hercules, as my cock is allowed to expand much more at the base.

One word of caution if you are planning on investing in one of these pieces of kit. Make sure you purchase it from the official Bathmate Hydromax suppliers, there are a lot of knock off suppliers who will not cover any issues with the device so if you are going to spend that much money be sure
its legit.

For anyone interested the official site is at the link below.

For $30 off the Bathmate range, see my post here

Next time up I will be talking about possible workouts and my first experiences of using the Bathmate X30 and my original experience with the Bathmate Hercules.


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