Saturday, 31 August 2013

Penis Measuring

Now that I have described the basics of a Penis Enlargement routine it is time to explain how to monitor your progress and to measure your penis correctly and consistently.
For the purpose of this post I would like to introduce a few commonly used abbreviations used in Penis Enlargement (PE). These abbreviations are;

BPEL - Bone Pressed Erection Length

BPEL is where penis length is measured at a 100% erection. The ruler is then pressed into the pubic bone and BPEL is the distance from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis. The pressure you apply to the pubic bone should be consistant and can vary from person to person. The main benefit of measuring bone pressed is that the pubic bone is a consistent reference point and does not move. 
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Figure 1
NBPEL - Non Bone Pressed Erection Length
NBPEL is similar to BPEL except the reference point is not taken from the pubic bone, it is instead taken from the base of the penis and the reference point is not the pubic bone.

BPEL is much more commonly used in the PE world than NBPEL. The main reason for this is due to the fact that BPEL is more consistent than NBPEL even if you put on or lose weight since the pubic bone does not move.

MEG - Mid Erection Girth
MEG is basically the circumference of the penis or the girth, at a full erection. Using a tape measure that most people would use for clothes you can wrap it around the middle of your shaft and measure the girth of your penis. This is the most common way of monitoring your penis girth and should always be measured at a 100% erection. This is shown in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2
BEG - Base Erection Girth
BEG is the exact same as MEG only the girth measurement is taken from the base of the penis.

MEG is used more commonly than BEG due to the fact that the center of the shaft is usually closer to the average girth of the penis. Just beware it does not really matter where you take the girth measurement just ensure that you are taken it from a consistent point along the penis. For example, the BEG is usually higher than the MEG so you cannot use one measurement one month and think you have grown because you used a BEG the following month.

Now that you know how to measure the penis, it is a lot easier to monitor your progress and see how you are gaining. One thing you may notice is that the measurements are all about erect size and not flaccid size. The reason for not using flaccid size is because it varies so much due to temperature, fluid levels, exercise and so on. However, when you increase your erect size you usually increase flaccid size also so fear not my friends :)

In my next post I will take you through the average penis size and how you can compare to the rest of the world. Until then take care :)

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  1. To properly measure the length of your penis, you must have a full, 100% erection. You also have to use a ruler and avoid using a tape measure. The reason is the ruler is hard enough that it can be pressed down into the bone and bone pressed is the correct way to take a measurement.

    The bone in question here is the pubic bone at the base of the penis. The ruler must be placed not on the side of the penis, but on top of it so the length recorded is that of the middle of the penis.