Sunday, 11 August 2013

How to Jelq

Let me begin my introduction to the world of penis enlargement by going through some simple exercises in which anyone (with hands and a penis) can do in their spare time. Over the coming weeks I will show you how to incorporate these exercises into a routine and show how to progress to more advanced exercises to target specific goals such as length or girth.

Jelqing is the weight training equivalent of the squat or bench press, it is the holy grail of penis enlargement exercises and it should be the backbone of all routines. Jelqing works by increasing the pressure in the penis cavities which are supplied with an increase flow of blood during erections. The increase in pressure inside the penis expands  these cavities over a prolonged period of time thus increasing the size of the penis. 

How to Jelq
Jelqing is done by performing and OK grip at the base of the penis as show in the image below. An erection level of roughly 50% must be attained prior to performing the ok grip (i.e. 0% being fully flaccid and 100% being a full blown monster erection). A lubricant such as Baby Oil or KY Jelly should be applied to the penis to reduce friction, prior to jelqing.

Now once you have your erection and your lubricated semi-erect penis, perform the OK grip at the base, squeezing gently but not so much that you are choking your little man, and stroke up to the base of the head of the penis (i.e the glands).

Note:  You should never go all the way up the penis over the glands, always stop before you reach the glands. Jelqing over the glands can not only causes damage to sensitivity but can also cause blood vessel breakage and other things you do not want.

The jelqs of the penis must be about 2 to 3 seconds in length and should not be done quickly.

You should alternate hands when jelqing so as to apply even pressure over the course of the workout. If you are circumcised you have nothing to worry about, but for uncircumcised folks like myself, you may want to retract the foreskin whilst jelqing, or you may not, whatever is your personal preference.

You should always warm up the penis prior to performing jelqing. The easiest way to warm up is by taking a warm bath or shower for at least 5 minutes, or by using a warm rice sock which you can pop into the microwave. 

Jelqing can work both length or girth with some people experiencing one or both of these. In my experience I found I increased in length more than girth but I have heard stories of the complete opposite too. 

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