Saturday, 17 August 2013

Penis Stretching

Stretching is one of the main exercises used in conjunction with jelqing for increasing penis size. Stretching can elongate the penis by stretching the suspensory ligament and pull more of the penis outside of the body. As can be shown in the diagram below in Figure 1, if the suspensory ligament is elongated the penis should in theory hang lower and look bigger. A large amount of the penis is located inside the body and can be pulled outwards from the body with consistent force.
Figure 1

Stretching is performed by grabbing the penis just behind the glands with an OK grip similar to that of jelqing. If you are circumcised it is preferable to pull back the foreskin and grab behind the glands of the penis. The penis should be stretched in every direction so to ensure the ligaments are elongated as much as possible.

Stretching should always be done after a warm up in the shower or bath for 5 minutes. A beginners routine may be similar to the following;

Warm up for 5 minutes
Stretch the penis upwards for the 30 seconds
Stretch the penis downwards for the 30 seconds
Stretch the penis to the left for the 30 seconds
Stretch the penis to the right for the 30 seconds
Stretch the penis straight out from the body for 30 seconds

These 5 stretches should be repeated at least once after this, moving up to 3 sets with experience.
These are the basic stretching exercises however there are many more which I will explain in the coming weeks. 
Doing these stretches only takes 5 minutes but within a few weeks, if done everyday, you should begin to see an increase in both flaccid and erect length.

On my next post, I will go forth into designing a beginners routine for you to begin performing. 

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