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Fordyce Spots Treatments

Welcome back everyone, today I am going to go through some professional treatment options available for Fordyce Spots.
If you missed my previous introductory post on Fordyce Spots it is available at the link below;

CO2 Vaporizing Laser Treatment

CO2 Vaporizing laser treatments can diminish the appearance of Fordyce Spots with no residual Fordyce papules in the area. This treatment is done under a local anaesthetic. The only downside is that it can produce some scarring which if serious could look as bad as the Fordyce Spots themselves! Apart from that it is a very expensive treatment and can cost over $1000.

For more information on CO2 Laser Treatment on Fordyce Spots, there is a report available at the link below which documents results from treatment on Fordyce Spots on patient’s lips. 

Ocampo-Candiani JVillarreal-Rodríguez AQuiñones-Fernández AGHerz-Ruelas MERuíz-Esparza J.
Treatment of Fordyce spots with CO2 laser.

Pulse Dye Laser

Pulse Dye laser uses an intense burst of yellow light onto the skin, which is absorbed by the skin’s blood vessels. This process causes the vessels to coagulate, reabsorbing into the body in a normal healing process.
This treatment usually does not cause scarring which leads it to be relatively expensive, you will likely need 5 to 6 treatments at over $100 a go.
Pulse Dye Laser is usually very similar treatment that is used for thread veins, scarring etc.


Image result for hyfrecatorHyfrecation is a very good option for people as it is both effective and relatively low cost. Essentially, a local anaesthetic is applied to the penis and then the dermatologist takes an electric needle, a hyfrecator that emits an electric current into each prominent gland.
After the treatment scabs form over the glands that shocks are applied to. The scabs should be completely gone in 3 to 4 weeks and there usually is a notable reduction in the Fordyce Spot visibility.

Treatment cost can vary from $25 to $150 depending the quantity being treated. This “solution” will likely reduce the visibility of the Fordyce Spots by 80 – 90% but will not remove them completely, which for most people is more than adequate. The only downside is than it does tend to be painful, but it is worth it, if the appearance of Fordyce Spots are bothering you.

Gels, Creams and Chemical Peels

Tretinoin gel (Retin-A) is normally used as a topical acne treatment, but may also be and effective treatment for Fordyce Spots if applied daily. Tretinoin gel should be used in conjunction with an alpha hydroxyl agent, which can be purchased over the counter. From my experience and from what I have heard from others, the condition can in some cases return once the treatment is finished.

Trichloroacetic chemical peels strip the skin off the spots improving the appearance of the spots significantly. Chemical peels can be particularly aggressive so you will need to ensure that your genitalia is moisturized. While it is effective in eliminating the spots when treated with chemical peel products, once the treatment is halted, there is high probably that you will experience a recurrence of the condition. 

Liquid Nitrogen Freezing

Another option is Liquid Nitrogen Freezing, I am not going to go through this option in detail as I do no recommend it.
This is the same treatment used to remove warts and can cause nerve damage if done too aggressively.

So there you go, if you would like any more information on any treatment in particular please do leave a comment. In my next post I will cover some of the home remedies available for the treatment of Fordyce Spots. Until then!

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