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Fordyce Spots

Fordyce Spots

Fordyce Spots are present in between 50 - 80% of the population and most commonly occur on the lips or the penis and usually begin to appear in puberty or early adulthood. (1)

For the purpose of this post and future posts on the issue of Fordyce Spots I will be focusing on the penis.

So what are Fordyce Spots?

Well, Fordyce spots are small raised, pale red, yellow-white or skin-colored bumps or spots that appear on the shaft of the penis, first discovered by John Addison Fordyce who first described them clinically in a medical journal.

What causes Fordyce Spots?

Fordyce spots are caused by sebum, or oil, under the skin. Usually, this oil is secreted into a hair follicle but because these sebaceous glands lack any hair, the sebum tends to get trapped, resulting in these bumps.
Although not yet proven it appears as though Fordyce spots are hereditary.

Should I be worried?

Absolutely not. Although they are a concern due to cosmetic reasons, Fordyce spots are not contagious or harmful to yourself or others. The main area of concern with Fordyce spots is the embarrassment they may cause if noticed by a sexual partner - Just as a side note - most women will not even notice them and if they do its pretty easy to explain. Women also get them on their lips and vagina also.

Treatment Options?

There are a number of treatment options available, some of which are cheap and cheerful, others are expensive (some are ridiculously expensive). In my next post I will cover some options available for home remedies to professional treatments, both of which can produce positive results!

Until next time!:)

(1) - Ruth Holt, Graham Roberts and Crispian Scully. ABC of Oral Health: Oral Health and Disease. BMJ: British Medical Journal , Vol. 320, No. 7250 (Jun. 17, 2000) , pp. 1652-1655

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