Monday, 23 January 2017

5 Great Reasons to do Penis Enlargement Exercises

A lot of people ask me the reasons for doing Penis Enlargement Exercises and what are the benefits of doing them. As a result of this I have put together my top reasons for doing enlargement exercises such as jelqing and stretching.

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So here are my 5 Great Reasons to do Penis Enlargement Exercises.

1 - Increased Length and Girth;

This may be an obvious one but the main goal from penis enlargement exercises is usually to increase both length and girth. From a physiological point of view, it tends to be much easier to gain length in the beginning, while girth can take more time and gains do come at a slower pace.

As a rule of thumb within one year, following the routines mentioned above, you could expect to gain anywhere from 0.5" to 2" in length, and approximately 0.5" - 1.0" in girth.

So for example if you are currently 6" in length which would be around average, you could in theory be up to 8" within one year. Not bad for a small commitment for a year!

 - You should see noticeable results for this in 3 months.

2 - Last Longer in Bed/More Control;

As you gain more control and balance over your pelvic floor muscles as a result of kegels and reverse kegels you will start to have more control over when you orgasm during sex and will actually with time be able to last anywhere up to 30 minutes with proper dedicated practice. This is obviously a desireable effect for any man and woman. Not only does increased control lead to lasting longer but it will also give you better orgasms when you do go.

 - You should see noticeable results for this in 3 months.

3 - Increase Vein Size and Prominence;

After a few weeks of jelqing you will begin to notice that veins which were previously no prominent on your penis will begin to appear larger and more pronounced. This is due to them being expanded as part of the jelqing process. Obviously, you cannot grow new veins, but existing ones that may have previously been invisible will now be visible when you have an erection. 

This is much more aesthetically pleasing especially when it is combined with a good erection level.

 - You should see noticeable results for this in 6 months.

4 - Increased Erection Hardness;

After the first few weeks of doing a penis enlargement routine and some basic exercises, the main thing people say they notice is increased amount of erections, in particular "morning wood". 
Along with this you will have much harder erections. Jelqing in particular can really make a huge difference in this regard. You will feel like you are an 18 year old again :)

While this is great for your sex life, it also will actually make your penis appear bigger when you have an erection as there is a greater volume of blood being forced into your penile tissue. 

 - You should see noticeable results for this in 1-2 months.

5 - More Powerful and Intense Orgasms;

As you advance through a penis enlargement routine you will experience much more powerful and intense orgasms. 

The reason for this is that you will have more powerful pelvic floor muscles which will give you two things;

- A much more intense orgasm where the contractions you feel are more powerful and much longer and more numerous in occurrence. 
- A larger amount of ejaculate when you do orgasm. You should in time get the "cum-shot" which you see in porn as you develop powerful pelvic floor muscles. 

 - You should see noticeable results for this in 3-6 months.

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