Saturday, 9 January 2016

Bathmate Size Guide

When I first started Penis Enlargement you had a choice of a one or two different types of Penis Pumps. 

Nowadays, the market is absolutely flooded with so many types, sizes and shapes it can be a pretty daunting task of getting the right size Penis Pump to fit you.

Today I am going to go through the Bathmate range and how to find the correct size for you. If you need information on how to measure your penis for a pump, take a look at my previous post here.

Original Bathmate Series

Bathmate Hercules

The original Bathmate Hercules was actually my first Penis Pump from which I had a great experience with. The Hercules was released originally in late 2012.

This pump will accommodate well over 90% of the population and definitely provides great value for money at only $110.

Size Range 
Length 8.5" max
Girth 6.7" max

Bathmate Goliath

If you were lucky enough to be born with a monster between your legs or if you have outgrown the Hercules, the Goliath may be an option.

Again, for the size of this pump it is good value at $199.
It is safe to say you will never outgrow this thing! If you do you have a career in porn ahead of you.

Size Range 
Length 10.5" max
Girth 9" max

New Hydromax Series

The Hydromax Range is the 2nd generation of Penis Pumps from Bathmate. There is even more variety in sizes from the original generation. There is also the Hydromax Xtreme variation which is slightly more expensive but the sizing of the Xtreme varient is identical.

The only difference in all these pumps is the size in which they can accommodate. Ideally, you should get one as close to your size as possible as excess water/air in the pumping chamber can impair size gains.  

The Hydromax X20 is the smaller variant and costs $139 

Size Range; 
Length 7.5" max
Girth 5.5" max

The Hydromax X30 is the mid size variant and costs $159 

Size Range;
Length 8.5" max
Girth 6.7" max

If you are lucky enough to need it, the Hydromax X40 is the largest variant and costs of $199

Size Range;
Length 10" max
Girth 7.9" max

More Information

If anyone is looking to purchase any of the products mentioned above, take a look at the link below for the official site.

I also have a competition for my loyal readers. Anyone who purchases a Bathmate Hercules, Goliath, X20, X30, X40 or any Xtreme model from the link below will be entered into the draw to win a FREE BIB HANGER.
All the Bathmates from the official site come with a 60 day money back guarantee so you are well protected.

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